5 Sales Psychology Shortcuts to Bring You to Quota in 2020


Salespeople of the world - we’ve been lied to for decades.

We're told that grinding 12-hour days to “crush our quota”, make Club, and land that VP-role in sub-5 years is the epitome of our success. In reality,  this is all too often a path to burnout (and quick career-change). 

The real keys to rapid success and fulfillment in sales?

Harnessing the incredible power of sales psychology & neuroscience to develop a rock-solid mindset that enables you to crush your most ambitious goals (and remove any roadblocks that get in your way).

In this webinar recording, you'll learn 5 sales psychology shortcuts proven to propel you further, faster, in your sales career (and personal life).

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What You'll Learn

  • How to improve your “mental-game” so you’re ready to put in the work to execute on the daily actions needed to surpass your goals (and avoid burnout)
  • How to "reach for the stars" and design meaningful goals that will catapult you forward in your role & career
  • Tactics to breakdown your goals into “bite-sized” daily actions (that actually move the needle)
  • How to improve your skills 2x faster than your peers by using the power of real-time feedback and reporting

Meet The Speakers

Sanj Sanampudi

Kevin “KD” Dorsey

Josh Leider

Scott Barker

CEO & Co-Founder

Concert Finance

VP, Inside Sales


Senior Associate


Head of Partnerships

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