Mind-blowing Learnings From Analyzing 522,819 Cold Calls


There are many things that affect your connect rate on the phone, ranging from data providers, time of day, amount of calls- you name it.

Tito and his team analyzed close to 400,000 phone calls- all made by AltiSales since 2019. ZERO of them using auto-dialers or parallel dialers. (so you know it's clean data).

The first study, based on day of week, shows essentially NO DIFFERENCE, on connect rate based on what day you call.

This is across 30+ SDR teams and therefore includes all sorts of personas and seniority, as well as different target accounts which makes the data awesome to segment and analyze.

In this replay, we went through exactly what we learned through analyzing connect rate by day of week, minute of hour, buyer persona, outside of 9 to 5 and more.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to get 20-30% more connects by optimizing how you organize your day.
  • More connects means the work is more fun. It also means you practice more and get better sooner.
  • Getting better sooner speeds up ramp times, elevates performance and increases SDR retention rates
  • Other awesome ideas AltiSales has implemented to make the SDR role more fun, productive, sustainable, better paid, and overall F*ing AWESOME!

Meet The Speakers

Tito Bohrt

Katie Ray



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