Building relationships is a top priority in 2020. If you want to win deals with virtual sales, you need to build trust with buyers and differentiate yourself from your competition. 

In this replay of our live workshop, you will discover all the techniques you can use to get buyers to bond with you and grow your relationships to ultimately grow your commission.

Master the art of rapport building today!

How to Master the Art of Rapport Building


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What You'll Learn

  • Don’t confuse small talk with building rapport. Building rapport means developing a connection around shared interest, expressed over multiple interactions.
  • Let buyers SEE you’re a professional. Appearances have a massive impact on how we perceive people so one of the best ways to take that into account is by turning on your webcam.
  • Delight buyers with the unexpected. Start with a nice gesture or a gift like coffee or a gift box - it can trigger the law of reciprocity which only strengthens the relationship at the end of the day.

Meet The Speakers

Alex Willeford

Growth Associate

Sales Hacker

Devin Reed

Head of Content Strategy


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