In this 45-minute video lecture, Ben Raffi, CEO of, will teach you the 4 key pillars of building an efficient B2B sales machine. From acquiring qualified leads to moving them down the sales pipeline efficiently and closing deals, Ben will share his insights and experience.

Ben Raffi is the CEO of - a lead generation and sales automation platform used by the fastest growing B2B organizations. Prior to Growlabs, Ben was the CEO at Universe where he led business development efforts globally, acquiring 28,000 clients in less than 3 years with a team of 10. He was also VP of Growth for Ticketmaster and LiveNation.

B2B Sales: How To Generate Over $10 Million In 3 Months


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What You'll Learn

  • 4 key pillars of building an efficient B2B sales engine
  • How to acquire qualified leads in your different markets
  • Tips and tricks to optimizing your sales funnels
  • 8 different tools to scale efficiently 

Meet The Speakers


Ben Raffi

Matt Smith

VP of Digital

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