Out of 273 companies recently surveyed by Corporate Visions, 80% don’t train as many salespeople as they’d like to. More than half say it’s due to “time out of field” constraints, while 37% say it’s budget limitations.


Watch this on-demand webinar and learn how virtual training and reinforcement can help companies transform their sales readiness and training programs to suit today’s digitally-empowered sales forces.

Achieving Sales Mastery through Virtual Sales Training and Reinforcement


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What you'll learn

  • Common problems holding most sales readiness programs back
  • Why ‘just-in-time’ training doesn’t always work – and how to fix it
  • Ideas for developing virtual skills training courses that stick
  • How technology can help empower sales coaching and reinforcement

Senior Director, Sales Readiness Consulting


Meet the Speakers

Mike Kunkle

Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

Corporate Visions

Tim Riesterer

Director of Sales Training & Consulting Services

Sales Hacker

Richard Harris

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