What It's Really Like to Build a Sales Team at a Unicorn Company


You get the job at your dream company — a unicorn with valuation over $1B. The pressure of building a successful team - and building it fast - starts to sink in.

How do you hire the right people? How do you get your teams to move quickly? How is working at a company in hypergrowth mode different?

In this session, we dig into the exact methods and processes that make hypergrowth actually work. We’re going to get real, so bring your most pressing questions!

We were joined by Taylor Jones, Business Development Leader from Salesforce, Jason Prindle, Director of Inside Sales and Global Sales Development at BigID, and Ryan Gibson, Manager of Sales Development at Outreach, to discuss:

  • What's different about hiring for a unicorn sales team
  • How to maintain a performance culture while building scalable processes
  • How to combine velocity with growth

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What You'll Learn

  • Identify the top talent that will drive your organization to a unicorn team, and what’s different in your process.
  • How to keep culture, growth, and success a priority for you and your team when scaling.
  • Best practices for building and managing a successful team that can grow with agility.

Meet The Speakers

Ryan Gibson

Taylor Jones

Jason Prindle

Scott Barker

Manager of Sales Development


Business Development Leader


Dir. of Inside Sales & Global Sales Development


Head of Partnerships

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