Building the Dream Team:

How to Create High-Performing Sellers and Accelerate Growth


Getting new hires up to speed in a pandemic is a huge challenge—sellers are in different locations and time zones and you can’t train in person.

But some companies are crushing it in the current environment while others fall behind. What’s their secret?

The secret is modern sales enablement practices. Today’s winners are mastering virtual training with an up-to-date approach to content, tools, and knowledge to help their sales teams succeed.

Learn how you can build a team of high-performers and drive seller proficiency. Check this replay to see how to optimize your approach to sales enablement, move the needle where it matters, and drive sales teams to peak performance.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to gain a game-changing advantage with modern sales enablement technology
  • Tactical ideas to improve coaching, conversations, and collaboration
  • Best practices for capturing and sharing institutional knowledge with newer hires
  • How to adapt to shifting marketing strategies and surpass revenue targets

Meet The Speakers

Jake Miller

Jonathan Carlson

Katie Ray

Senior Product 

Marketing Manager


Senior Director of Marketing


Community Engagement Manager

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