You have been exploring ways to accelerate your sales cycle and have heard some buzz around chatbots and conversational marketing, but aren't sure they are for you. Sounds like something hard to set up, right. (Hint: It's not.) It’s a way of better connecting with your prospects, and you can seriously speed up your sales cycle fast. How? Removing unnecessary friction and wasteful steps from the process. 

But Conversational Marketing isn’t just another “program” you can email out to your team before watching it fizzle out. You need to make sure your people understand the impact that’s at stake so they can be successful.

In this session, we’ll lay out a plan for you to get your team PUMPED UP and READY for the pace your customers are demanding in 2018.

The Ultimate Guide to Building a Killer Sales Pipeline with Chatbots & Conversational Marketing


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What You'll Learn

  • How to dramatically reduce the time it takes to have your first real conversation with a prospect
  • How to build trust with your prospects when you are walking back from lunch
  • How to hire an assistant that will book appointments while you sleep (without actually hiring an assistant)
  • Why this isn't just another program your sales team should just wait to fizzle out.
  • How to get your whole team begging you to get going conversational marketing and chatbots

Meet The Speakers

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

Sales Hacker

Chris Handy

Customer Marketing Leader


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