Building (& Scaling) a Repeatable B2B Sales Process


At birth, B2B startups are faith-based initiatives.

Founders think they know their market & early customers. They think they’re tackling a mission-critical business problem. They think their solution delivers adequate value (that customers will actually pay for). 

They also think outbound sales will be an effective & scalable means by which to find & deliver value to customers.

… and they might be right, but (unfortunately for startup teams) here’s what usually happens: these bright-eyed and bushy-tailed founders go-to-market & realize that Mike Tyson got it right, “everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.”

Here’s the deal: Before your startup even thinks of “stepping-on-the-gas” and scaling into an exit or IPO, you NEED to test & verify the hidden assumptions in your early outbound sales process.

Check out this webinar replay to learn what these assumptions are, how to test and “verify” them, and how to build a truly scalable & repeatable sales process (so you never get you caught with your pants down when you go-to-market).

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What You'll Learn

  • How to experiment, test & verify early-stage sales process assumptions
  • Who should actually be responsible for building & “proving” an initial sales process (hint: it’s not the VP Sales!)
  • How to adjust & optimize your process when scaling past the early market (+ the actual KPIs & metrics you should be measuring)
  • How to structure your initial sales team, once you’ve built a scalable process (ie, who should you hire first?)
  • Tips & tricks on the sales tech you’ll need to create a truly scalable process
  • Tactics to onboard, train & mentor your growing team of reps, AEs, and managers

Meet The Speakers

Patricia DuChene

Alex German

Samantha McKenna

Scott Barker

VP of Sales


VP of Sales



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