Buyer Sentiment: How to use the Newest Data Source Available to B2B Sales Teams


If your prospecting team is optimizing emails based on reply rate or open rate (yuck), this is for you. 

Buyer sentiment data shows you how your prospect actually feels about what you said to them. In this deep-dive with real examples, we’ll explain how it’s different from buyer intent data and how frontline sales managers are using it to coach outbound sales teams to new heights.

In this session, we were joined by Kaitlen Kelly, Manager of Sales Development at Outreach, for an exclusive peek into the future of truly insights-driven prospecting!

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What You'll Learn

  • The differences between buyer intent data and buyer sentiment data
  • How to leverage buyer sentiment to break down your reps prospecting strategies
  • How to use buyer sentiment for truly effective “in the moment coaching”
  • How to stay on top of your prospecting content to truly understand what’s working in respective markets, what's not, and what to change

Meet The Speakers

Kaitlen Kelly

Katie Ray

Manager of Sales Development- EMEA


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