Want success in B2B outbound sales? The key is a pipeline chock-full of meaningful conversations around the problems that your product or service solves.

The key to a chock-full pipeline? It all starts with a kick-ass prospect list that’ll fuel your cold outreach.

But how do you consistently find net-new accounts that match your ideal customers? How about accurate & reliable contact-level data, so your messaging can be relevant & valuable?

How World-Class SDR Teams Build Targeting Lists for Outbound


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What You'll Learn

  • How to build a system to consistently find more of your ideal accounts (the ones with the biggest contract values & the least hassle)
  • How to find accurate & reliable contact data for each of your Buyer Personas (the actual contacts within your ideal accounts)
  • Tips & tricks to plan your outreach strategy in advance, so you know what data you actually need (hint: you should be going WAY beyond “first & last”, “phone”, and “company email”)
  • How to build workflows to keep your company & contact data fresh and reliable

Meet The Speakers

Tamara McMillen

CRO/Board Advisor


John Kosturos

Chief Revenue and 

Product Officer


Tito Bohrt

Founder & CEO


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