A consultative selling approach is the key to running a well-oiled sales team. Gone are the days of hard, aggressive sales pitches. Today, salespeople have to meet their customer where they are by talking less, listening more, building rapport, and finding a solution that’s best for their customer.


So how do you master the art and science of consultative selling?


How do you “diagnose” issues and then customize a solution that’s right for the customer?

Join Dan Shure of Evolving SEO as he shares actionable tips and tactics to consultative selling. Learn how to engage and win prospects without really trying!

Consultative Selling


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How to Win Your Prospects Without Really Trying

What You'll Learn

  • Fine tune your first impressions meter
  • Teaching vs Selling
  • Screen sharing: helpful or moving too quickly?
  • Should you talk numbers ($$$)?
  • How to end the call

Meet The Speakers

Gaetano DiNardi

VP of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Dan Shure


Evolving SEO

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