Making ABM Stick: How to Create Marketing and Sales Alignment that Lasts


Marketing and sales alignment is a core component of account-based marketing (ABM) but many organizations treat this as a once-and-done step.

True ABM requires salespeople to adopt a new playbook, in which they analyze data to determine the best time to intercept prospects, and customize their outreach based on account and contact knowledge. This new way of working must be absorbed, practiced, and repeated.

Watch the replay of this masterclass to learn a change management framework that can be used with your sales teams (starting tomorrow) to ensure buy-in and adoption of tools and processes to sustain alignment between marketing and sales for ABM.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why compliance-based adoption doesn’t work, especially for large organizational changes (like ABM)
  • Four principles of change management that should support the rollout of any ABM program
  • How to use a change management approach with enterprise orgs to effectively onboard sales for ABM
  • Concrete steps for maintaining alignment between marketing and sales

Meet The Speakers

Uzair Dada

Tonille Miller

​​Founder & CEO

Iron Horse

Transformation Practice Leader


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