How to Create Sales Sequences Your Reps Will Actually Use

Q: How do you create a sequence that will never be used by a sales rep?

A: Don’t involve the sales team in the process. 

There’s a lot that goes into successful sales content: buy-in, messaging, brand story, simplicity, feedback and much more. 

In this replay, Meghan Donovan, Sequence Specialist at Outreach, and Erika Davis, Head of Content Services of Greaser Consulting shared their expertise on all things sales sequences.

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What You'll Learn

  • What building out sequences looks like at early stage vs larger companies
  • How to create systems for getting input from sales reps
  • The best ways to build internal champions for your sales content
  • How to measure and iterate based on performance

Meet The Speakers

Meghan Donovan

Erika Davis

Sales Sequence Specialist


Head of Content Services

Greaser Consulting

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