From Prospecting to Proposals: How to Use Custom Videos to 2x Response Rates and Close Deals Faster


Personalized videos have emerged as one of the most effective ways to stand out and earn attention when prospecting for new business. 

And savvy SaaS sellers are also discovering new ways to use custom videos to educate prospects, build better relationships, and “walk the digital halls” of target accounts. 

In this replay, we were joined by Will Aitken (Sales Evangelist at Sales Feed), Ryon Addison (AE at Outreach) and Reva Pellerin (AE at Vidyard), to answer all of your questions about video best practices, video prospecting templates, how to record perfect demos (and more).

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What You'll Learn

  • Book more meetings through video
  • How to best showcase your solutions
  • Get that signature in a remote sales world

Meet The Speakers

Ryon Addison

Reva Pellerin

Will Aitken

Corporate Account Executive


Strategic Account Executive


Sales Evangelist

Sales Feed

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