These Essential Forecasting Tactics Will Cut Time Spent by 50%

Some sales teams report spending over 100 combined hours per week on sales forecasting 🤯. It’s pure madness.

Imagine how much more often you’d hit quota if all that time were spent selling!

In this Sales Hacker workshop replay, be guided by these three experts in the science of forecasting. They shared to us the exact steps and processes to forecast accurately while saving you A LOT of time.

More time for closing👏, coaching👏 and planning👏.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to improve accurate forecasting by accessing and managing your sales data faster than ever before
  • How to work faster and more efficiently by aggregating your data into one, easy to access source of truth
  • How to reduce customer onboarding time using automated cadences with personalized data
  • How to ensure your business is operating off accurate information

Meet The Speakers

Jordan Hizel

Chris Houghton

Pradeep Sridar

Director of Growth Sales


Account Executive


VP of Sales


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