Data Strategies For Excellence at Scale (For Sales Leaders & Operations Pros)


This is startling: only 30% of sales leaders report having a clear strategy to leverage data as an asset in their organizations.

At the same time, every sales org on the planet is facing digital transformation, evolving customer expectations, and new challenges of remote work.

Developing a clear data strategy is a crucial piece of the solution to these three challenges.

In this panel discussion replay with three sales experts, we've heard their very best advice on data driven strategies and got our answers to our most burning questions. 

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What You'll Learn

  • How the most advanced sales organizations are creating data strategies in 2021
  • Expert opinions on trends driving digital transformation in sales
  • Answers to your specific questions

Meet The Speakers

Chris Garza

Jeff Ignacio

Jim Lee

Colin Campbell

Vice President, Sales and Marketing Solutions

Dun & Bradstreet

Head of Revenue & Growth Operations


VP of Revenue Strategy


Director of Marketing

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