Designing the Ultimate 2021 Virtual Sales Kickoff


We all know the impact that annual sales kickoffs (SKOs) have on morale, community, and sales culture. 

But with a limit on large gatherings & travel, you’ve probably had to pivot how you host your team-building events. The LAST thing you want is for your boss to start questioning the impact of the (now virtual) SKO you’ve organized.

In this replay, Scott Ingram joined the community to share how to design a virtual SKO that’s guaranteed to fire up your team to crush their goals in the year ahead.

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What You'll Learn

  • How do you keep sellers, sitting at home, engaged?
  • How else can you round out a more engaging and immersive experience?
  • What are annual sales meetings and sales kickoffs going to look like in 2021? Especially in Q1 and Q2?
  • How should sales leaders start thinking about and planning for these events?
  • Key Ingredients To Creating A More Purposeful And Effective Sales Kickoff Agenda

Meet The Speakers

Scott Ingram

Scott Barker

Founder of Sales Success Media

Head of Partnerships

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