The Must-Know Do’s and Don’ts of Amazing SaaS Sales Demos


You finally got your biggest prospect on a demo call, but now you can hear their eyes glazing over. Ugh.

No more!

Kevin Dorsey and Scott Barker know a thing or two about delivering insanely effective demos - between the two of them, they’ve delivered & reviewed thousands of demos over their careers.

In this webinar, they've unlocked the ‘insider-secrets’ of delivering insanely impactful demos for increased win rates, shorter sales cycles, and higher ACV.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to ‘talk through the customer lens’ to deliver wildly persuasive sales demos (hint: the key is rooted in discovery, NOT your solution)
  • How to weave your product features & customer stories into a compelling narrative that your customers care about
  • The ‘5 deadly sins’ of sales demos that are guaranteed to kill your win-rate

Meet The Speakers

Kevin Dorsey

Scott Barker

VP of Inside Sales


Head of Partnerships

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