How to Turn DemandGen and SDRs into an Efficient Revenue Generator


The MQL (marketing-qualified lead) handoff to SDRs either brings a lot of efficiency or a lot of inefficiency to our Go to Market operations.

Tito Bohrt (CEO at AltiSales) shared to us a framework that allows Sales to quickly give meaningful feedback to DemandGen.

This actionable insight will allow DemandGen to optimize spend and produce MQLs that turn into SQOs (sales qualified opportunity) at a higher rate while maximizing the efficiency of SDR resources.

After watching this replay, you’ll walk away with a better way to measure Marketing ROI across different channels that aligns more closely with Sales.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to structure your SDR org for maximum efficiency
  • How DemandGen can collect meaningful feedback from SalesDev efforts
  • How to create fast feedback loops to optimize budget across marketing channels 
  • How Marketing can learn messaging and positioning data from its SDRs

Meet Tito Bohrt

Tito Bohrt - Sales Mad Scientist is the CEO of AltiSales. He is building the best company for SDRs. World class training, the best management in the world and a team of sales operations that allows us to execute Sales Development like no other team. On top of that, top of market salaries, and Quarterly presidents club to go eat steak and waterski in Mexico or Colombia.




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