Nine Secret Elements of Highly Effective Sales Conversations

There are very few other differences in what successful, average, and poorly performing reps do. They send similar follow-up emails, work similar hours, and have a similar number of discovery calls and demos.

In other words, a top rep’s success lies less in what they do during their sales conversations. analyzed over 1M sales call recordings with machine learning to identify what super successful salespeople do differently than their peers.

What's Inside?


  • What separates top sales rep and their average- and low-performing peers? 
  • Data-backed stats on 1M sales conversations. 
  • A breakdown of the top 9 elements of a deal-closing conversation.

About Chris Orlob

Chris Orlob is Senior Director of Product Marketing at - the #1 conversation intelligence platform for sales teams. Gong helps you convert more of your pipeline into revenue by shining the light on your sales conversations. It records, transcribes, and analyzes every sales call so you can drive sales effectiveness, figure out what’s working and what’s not, and ramp new hires faster.