How to Completely Eliminate Call Reluctance on Your SDR Team


This webinar will help you cure your sales team of their reluctance to make cold-calls - forever.

No gimmicks. Come learn the innovative, but surprisingly simple methods used at Outreach to train SDRs to be confident, capable, cold-calling experts.

Yep, the same Outreach whose outbound sales machine powered it to $1.3B valuation.

In this session, we were joined by Sam Nelson, Outbound Strategy Consultant at Outreach, and Sarah Shapiro, Sales Development Team Lead at Outreach, to talk how to expose your reps to prospecting, handling challenging role-plays, how to increase their phone confidence, and what you can do as a manager to prevent call reluctance.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to train inexperienced SDR’s to readiness at speed
  • How to Coach Call Reluctance into oblivion
  • How to enable your reps to be proactive about their success

Meet The Speakers

Sam Nelson

Sarah Shapiro

Katie Ray

Outbound Strategy Consultant


Sales Development 

Team Lead


Community Engagement Manager

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