How to Empower AEs to Improve Their Own Cold Outbound

It’s more common today for AEs to do some of their own outbound prospecting. But there’s still a reliance on SDR colleagues to generate the most outbound pipeline. 

Modern prospecting almost requires AEs to get involved earlier instead of waiting for meetings to come in. AEs still need to focus on closing a deal, so how can we make it easier for them to also do prospecting and outreach?

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What You'll Learn

  • Why AEs should be prospecting if they aren’t already
  • How to make it easier for AEs to cold outbound and build relationships
  • Why AEs can often be in a better position to ask for a referral than an SDR
  • How you can structure your sales team to improve outreach for SDRs and AEs

Meet The Speakers

Jillian Clancy

Robert Beattie

AJ Alonzo

Cory Bray

Director of Sales


Head of Sales Acceleration

Modernizing Medicine

Director of Marketing


Managing Director


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