When it comes to industry events, there's only one thing worse than a cash bar: the prospect of having to network. Even in sales, many of us fear networking with a passion. Yet done well, networking can be an invaluable business tool–in fact, there is no doubt you will not advance your business and your career without mastering this important skill. With Dreamforce right around the corner, now is the perfect time up your networking game in minutes. Never fear; Recruiting Enablement Director Melissa Hirsch, Leadership Recruitment Director Lauren Crane, and National Events Director McCall Harwell, the experts from the Betts Recruiting Team, are here to help you do just that.

How to Use These Proven Tactics to Become the Best Networker in the Room


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What You'll Learn

  • The five unexpected networking opportunities in your everyday life that you are currently ignoring.
  • How to capture the imperative business information you need while still showing genuine interest in the person.
  • Proven tactics for reviving a dying conversation, or gracefully exiting one (you don't have to pull the fire alarm). 
  • How to ensure your initial intro leads to business value every time. 
  • Five proven icebreakers that create instant, genuine connection, because the world doesn't need one more comment on the weather in Cleveland this time of year. 

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Director of Growth

Sales Hacker

Lauren Crane

Leadership Recruitment Director

Betts Recruiting

McCall Harwell

National Events Director Betts Recruiting

Melissa Hirsch

Recruiting Enablement Director

Betts Recruiting

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