Expanding Sales Tech Stacks: More Chaos or More Structure?


Adding new tech can cause a chaotic whirlpool of new processes to follow and not to mention—one. more. thing. to. remember. 

Sales Ops just wants to make the sales process (and the sales teams lives) easier with tools like AI and Revenue Intelligence. 

But how do you add to the stack without causing your team stress? 

On this replay, Slava Bilan (Director of Sales & Strategic Ops at Revenue Grid), Shawn Murphy (EVP of Inside sales at Revenue Grid), & Shruti Kapoor (CEO at Wingman) shared their playbook on how to introduce new tech to your team, win the fight against chaos, and add the focus and structure your team needs.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to win the fight against chaos and lack of structure in the sales process 
  • How to help your team follow the process and find focus 
  • How to introduce the new tech to the sales team without them breaking into sweat (feat. ramp-up, playbooks, coaching, and the value of real-time contextual guidance)

Meet The Speakers

Slava Bilan

Shawn Murphy

Shruti Kapoor

Dir. of Sales & Strategic Ops

Revenue Grid

EVP of Inside Sales

Revenue Grid



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