How To Find Your Voice & Reach the Next Level In Sales

Reality check: Many companies look at men and see their potential. When they look at women, they often only see their experience. This leads to fewer opportunities for women. 

As a woman, success is sweet when you achieve what no one thought possible: overcoming challenges and closing the big accounts. 

Imagine what that success would look like if others believed in your potential. The inability to see women for their potential is a great inhibitor for women in sales reaching the next level.

Women: Let’s talk about finding your voice and how to position yourself to win that next role.

Leaders: Let’s talk about how to recognize the potential in everyone and make changes in your organization.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to find your voice and stay true to who you are
  • How to position yourself to win that next role
  • How leaders can recognize the potential in everyone and be the change

Meet The Speakers

Jen Ferguson

Ashleigh Early

Catherine Robles

Hannah Ajikawo

Joyce Johnson

Global Sales Onboarding Delivery Manager


Head of Sales | CEO

The Duckbill Group | Other Side of Sales

Director of Sales


Founder & Sales Consultant

Growth Mode Ltd


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