Forecasting Experts Reveal How To Forecast With Greater Confidence & Accuracy

CSO Insights states that 60% of forecasted deals do not actually close. 

Not surprisingly, the data also shows that 25% of sales managers are unhappy with their forecast accuracy.

In this replay, we've brought in three absolute experts: 

— Todd Abbott (InsightSquared’s CEO)

— Mary Shea (Outreach’s Global Innovation Evangelist and former Forester Analyst) 

— Samantha McKenna (#SamSales Consulting's Founder)

...to deep dive into how to forecast well and look to the future for what’s next in forecasting. 

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What You'll Learn

  • What you need for accurate sales forecasts
  • Key benchmarks to assess your team’s forecast performance
  • Investing in the right tech to set your team up for success in forecasting
  • Understand the future landscape of sales forecasting through Mary’s crystal ball

Meet The Speakers

Todd Abbott

Samantha McKenna

Mary Shea




#SamSales Consulting

VP Global Innovation Evangelist


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