How to Use Rep-Centric Sales Enablement to Future-Proof Your Revenue Engine


The era of rep-centric sales enablement has arrived. Are you prepared?

Learning and content capabilities are merging. Technologies like conversation intelligence and AI-powered coaching can provide deeper insights and better, more scalable sales support than ever before.

But in order to be truly effective, today’s enablement tools and strategies must be focused on answering a single question: how can reps be more effective at selling in a virtual world?

In this replay, Allego’s marketing power duo, Jonathan Carlson and Jake Miller, joined us to guide us through the new sales enablement landscape.

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What You'll Learn

  • What an evolved sales enablement approach looks like, and how to implement it for your team
  • The secrets to sales and marketing alignment that enable virtual selling wins
  • How artificial intelligence optimizes content curation, virtual coaching, and skill development
  • How to mature from ‘table stakes’ content management to revenue-driving content activation
  • What the heck asynchronous video is, and why it’s the most important thing you’ve probably never heard of
  • …and much more.

Meet The Speakers

Jonathan Carlson

Jake Miller

Senior Director of Marketing


Senior Product Marketing Manager


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