Virtual Roundtable

Generative AI: Friend or Foe?

February 27th, 2023 - 7:00 AM PT / 10:00 AM ET

Sr. Product Manager


Sr. Director of Product Marketing


Sr. Director of Product Management


Virtual Roundtable

With economic pressures mounting on the horizon, we know our reps need to build their own quality pipeline, accelerate deal velocity and improve win rates, all while having less resources and time than ever before. 

The create & close era of sales is here and it’s stopping for no one. But how can we all quickly adjust to hit quota?

With generative AI on the scene like ChatGPT, it looks like we may have our solution… or will this resource only complicate the landscape even more?

In this roundtable we’ll discuss:

  • The reality of the changing sales landscape in this economic climate
  • What exactly generative AI is, how it works, and what it can/cannot do
  • How to leverage generative AI to create & close more pipeline

We want to hear your thoughts. Join us as we navigate through this new era of sales and how we can leverage generative AI tools for the better.

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