Choosing a place of work is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life.

So why do so many people just wing it?

In this webinar replay, we got a checklist of questions asked, a scorecard which evaluated job opportunities, and peeked into the minds of hiring sales managers.

Amy Volas has spent her career learning how hiring managers work, and what it takes to build a successful sales organization from the ground up. And she shared all her years of wisdom in this webinar.

Joining a Rocketship: How to Get the Best Sales Jobs


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What You'll Learn

  • What hiring sales managers really care about (and what doesn’t matter)
  • How to decide if you’ll fit with a company’s team and culture
  • How to evaluate the health of a company

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Amy Volas

Founder & CEO

Avenue Talent Partners

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