Metrics are a sales leader’s secret weapon. The best CROs, VPs and Directors of Sales have total command over the metrics they need to hit high-level business targets. But to really scale a sales organization, you need to get sales managers and sales reps to have that same level of ownership of metrics. On this webinar, we discussed how you can get your reps to understand, use, and start owning their metrics.

Get Your Reps To Own Their Metrics


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What You'll Learn

  • How the best sales leaders use metrics to achieve better performance
  • 3 processes that can get your reps to take ownership of their metrics
  • How to keep reps from getting overwhelmed with too many KPIs
  • How to create a set of KPIs that is tangible and achievable

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Dir. of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Greg Keshian

Co-founder and COO


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