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The Great Resignation is upon us—and that’s not just LinkedIn buzz.

After a year of remote work, companies moving back to the office are finding that their employees have gotten used to a little autonomy. Plenty are resigning to avoid burnout, keep their ideal work/life balance—or pursue something more exciting. 

If that’s you, you’ll want to check this Community Workshop replay.

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How do you evaluate potential employers, understand what the job description is really asking for and position yourself for success? In this workshop replay, we:

  • Talked with hiring and recruiting experts about what goes into planning and writing a job description (peek behind the curtain).
  • Figured out what questions you should be asking to really impress the hiring manager and better understand the company.
  • Reviewed resumes during the workshop

Meet The Speakers

Katelyn McMahan

Richard Harris

Dan Whitney

Manager Candidate Experience



The Harris Consulting Group

Head of Global Recruiting Outreach

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