Functions You Need In Your Sales Content Supply Chain (From Leaders at SAP & Workday)


Imagine you’ve just been tasked with building a new Sales Engagement operation.

Question #1: How do you build a powerful content supply chain so every single seller has the right content at the right time?

Question #2: What are the top three considerations you need to keep in mind while building your content supply chain?

Question #3: What is the biggest roadblock on your path to sales maturity, and how do you plan to avoid it?

In this replay of our exclusive community event, get the answers from leaders at SAP and Workday, as well as the experts in sales enablement from Greaser Consulting.

You’ll come away with practical guidelines for which functions you need to make your sales engagement initiatives successful and sustainable.

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What You'll Learn

  • How leaders in the tech industry are organizing their teams to successfully implement change management policies around functions
  • Why the content supply chain is the spinal cord of sales engagement
  • The consequences of not having these functions
  • When to fulfill functions internally and when to hire or contract out

Meet The Speakers

Erika Davis

Catherine Courreges

Keaton Robertson

Theron Glenny

Head of Content

Greaser Consulting

Global Content Enablement Lead


Global Demand 

Content Manager



Greaser Consulting

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