Your Guide to Crush Q4 (Without Cannibalizing Q1 Growth)


What a year! Sales teams have pivoted from busy sales floors to kitchen countertops. We’ve done everything in our power to accelerate deal cycles, enhance POCs, and restructure our teams. We’ve seen an increase in C-Suite participation and cross-team selling. And, despite the gloom & doom of 2020, we’ve seen some of the best selling in over a decade.

In the midst of closing out the quarter strong, Revenue Orgs also have to close out 2020 as a win. Q4 has always required a struggle for balance between immediate wins and long term growth for the new year, and now this pressure is only amplified. 

In this replay, Randy DeHaan and Joe Caprio joined us to share their stories, experiences, and best practices to achieve both Q4 revenue goals & longer-term growth. 

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What You'll Learn

  • How to accelerate deals in Q4 (hint: prioritize discovery at every stage!)
  • Why ‘asynchronous champion enablement’ is your KEY to success in Q4 (& how to do it) 
  • Metrics for success that keep your team productive, rather than paralyzed
  • How to set your team up for success in 2021 (& pitfalls to avoid)
  • Our method of pursuing both Q4 wins and Q1 growth (without burning out your team!)

Meet The Speakers

Randy DeHaan

Joe Caprio

Scott Barker

Regional Vice President



Head of Partnerships

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