Wondering how it’s possible to grow over 5,000% while disrupting markets?

Join us as we deep-dive with George Donovan, Chief Revenue Officer of Allego, a mobile video sales learning company that is now the 5th fastest growing private software company on the 2017 Inc 500.

Discover how George built and inspired his sales team, created beachheads in key industries, and planned for growth -- all while the company stayed cash flow positive!

With experience in both sales leadership and sales training, George will share how his passion for “training brains” led to hiring more wisely, training smarter, and driving huge results for Allego and their customers. And, he’ll share his experience about disrupting and reshaping new markets.

Ensure your team is prepared for double (or triple!) digit growth in 2018. 

How Allego Grew Sales 5,401% in Three Years


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What You'll Learn

  • Inspire recruits and employees by selling a future vision of your company
  • How to best train and enable Millennial salespeople
  • To sell more by doing less - focus on ideal prospects only

  • Build a cult-like following of customers and partners

Meet The Speakers

Chief Revenue Officer


George Donovan

Scott Barker

Head of Partnerships

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