Buyer Feedback Loops: How Buyers Tell Us What They Really Need

ABM promised to provide us with the insights necessary to identify in-market buyers, allowing us to focus our efforts on the people and companies ready to buy from us.

While ABM and related products have helped, we still send our sellers into conversations with people who do not know how to move from their perceived pain and challenges to buying our product or solution.

John Moore (The Collaborator), Founder of Trust Enablement, joined us in Sales Hacker to discuss Buyer Feedback Loops.

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What You'll Learn

  • Buying Feedback Loops
  • Why this has been missed in Revenue Enablement - until now
  • How to leverage sales training and coaching to prepare sellers to leverage feedback loops
  • How data-driven insights will power it all

Meet "The Collaborator"

John Moore is The Collaborator, the Founder of The Collaborator, LLC, and is responsible for creating Trust Enablement. Trust Enablement is the number one source of vendor-agnostic information on the planet, helping Enablement Professionals and CROs across the globe understand how to create positive, measurable business outcomes from their Enablement efforts.

Founder of The Collaborator, LLC

Creator of Trust Enablement

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