What Good Looks Like: How Hybrid Work Has Changed Sales Enablement Forever


The world of sales enablement is evolving before our eyes. 

Hybrid work has increased the speed of change, and now—more than ever—sales leaders and enablement pros need the tools and guidance to keep their teams trained, connected, and effective.

In this replay, Sales Hacker sat down with sales enablement expert Elay Cohen (CEO at SalesHood) for a masterclass on the new world of enablement, why it’s changing so quickly, and what you need to do to keep pace.

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What You'll Learn

  • How hybrid work has changed and what good enablement (and good selling) looks like
  • Why modern enablement requires bringing content, learning, coaching, and selling together
  • Why recorded video and peer-accelerated learning are the new bedrocks of enablement
  • The metrics you must track in order to know whether or not enablement is driving the right results for your business

Meet The Speakers

Elay Cohen

Mikey Harrison

CEO and Co-founder


Partnerships Manager

Sales Hacker

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