How Sellers REALLY Want To Learn


Training sales reps has always been difficult. Having to do it virtually makes it even more challenging.

But there are some pretty amazing tricks you can use to energize your sellers and help them remember what they learn. 

Not only do sellers like and trust peer-to-peer content more than top-down training, but they remember more of it!

They want to learn in their moment of need and not a minute sooner.

Would you watch a video about how to fix a leaking pipe before the pipe broke?

Of course not. 

That means you’ve got to structure your learning content for just-in-time, not just-in-case.

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What You'll Learn

  • Leave live role-plays behind and embrace the all-powerful video submission
  • Accelerate onboarding without sacrificing important learning
  • Get your reps to practice without calling it practice
  • Showcase what good looks like and clone top performers
  • Drive message consistency and ensure reps articulate key messaging

Meet The Speakers

Deniz Olcay

Katharine Wilson

David Dulany

Kayde Givens

Sr. Director of Product Marketing


Sr. Mgr Global Solutions Onboarding Strategy


Founder & CEO


Sr. Manager, Revenue Enablement

Enablement Squad

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