Is your sales team struggling to get qualified prospects on the phone?

It's no secret that buyers are getting harder to reach and bad data can be one of the leading causes of this. In this webinar, you'll learn the benefits of clean data and how it will make your sales team more efficient. These tips will help you maintain good data inside your CRM and marketing automation platform.

Watch this webinar replay and hear from leading experts in sales on how their solutions can improve your process to keep your sales team on the phone longer with the right decision makers.  

How to 2X Your Sales Qualified Meetings while Making Fewer Calls


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What you'll learn

  • How to fill the lead database with multiple contacts at target accounts
  • How to enhance lead database with quality data so lead views are easily segmentable
  • How to use cadence type programs to enhance multichannel communication with prospects
  • How to personalize outreach strategy to increase response
  • How to educate your audience instead of selling a meeting

VP of Enterprise & Channel Sales at RingLead

Meet the Speakers

John Kosturos

Max Altschuler

Founder & CEO  of Sales Hacker

Founder & CEO of Startup Sales Bootcamp

Juliana Crispo

Founder & CEO of SalesLoft

Kyle Porter

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