How Showpad Increased Close Rate 289% with an Advanced Account-Based Strategy


Moving to an account-based strategy in today’s world is a no-brainer — at least in theory. 

When it comes down to operationalizing ABX (account-based everything) -- revenue team alignment, adoption, setting the right process in place -- it’s all much easier said than done.

Gone are the days of believing more activity leads to more pipeline. It’s about the right activities: using data and insights to prioritize and engage with the right prospects at the right time. 

In this replay, learn the top-down approach from Dustin Deno, SVP of Global Sales at Showpad, that aligned their revenue team. They ditched the traditional sales methods and tactics to move towards an account-based approach. You’ll learn how to focus your team's efforts on in-market accounts and how to use intent data to prospect more efficiently than ever.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why Showpad’s revenue team realized they needed to adopt an account-based strategy
  • How their sales team operationalized and led the adoption of an account-based approach across a global team
  • How to focus your efforts on in-market accounts and use intent data to prospect more efficiently
  • The benefits of moving to an account-based strategy and how to continue the momentum on that growth trajectory

Meet The Speakers

Dustin Deno

Maura Brady

Colin Campbell

SVP of Global Sales


RVP of Sales


Director of Marketing

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