Next Level Sales Rep: How to be an Evangelist of your Product

Have you ever seen someone with “Evangelist” in their title and thought “dream job”? Then this one’s for you.

We were joined by three sales experts to walk us through the power of product evangelism in your sales strategy. We covered everything from building relationships and leveraging long-term plays to scaling an evangelist approach for the sales team. 

Position your product as a cause, learn the ins and outs of a great demo, take on a Customer Success—all of this is critical to becoming a next level sales rep.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to narrate a compelling story to your prospects throughout their buying journey.
  • Winning tips for engaging prospects across multiple channels (social selling, anyone?) 
  • How to build a community of customer evangelists who will help you position your product.

Meet The Speakers

Michael Szymanski

Kate Cheesman

Sam Nelson

Katie Ray

Vice President Sales


Sr. Director of 

Customer Success


SDR Leader


Community Engagement Manager

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