How to Build a Data-driven Sales Strategy: A Practical Guide for Turning Data into Revenue


Sales organizations have never had more data at their fingertips. 

For most sales leaders, knowing how to use and deploy that data is one of the greatest opportunities to boost seller performance. 

It’s also one of the most challenging.

In this replay, Peter Kazanjy (Co-founder at Atrium) and Deniz Olcay (Senior Director of Product Marketing at Allego) joined us to share how to bridge the gap between sales rep data and sales rep performance. This webinar is your guide to building a well-oiled, data-driven sales team.

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What You'll Learn

  • The right KPIs to look at for coachable moments
  • How to create repeatable seller success
  • Actionable ways to increase seller adoption
  • How to reduce the burden of coaching
  • How to use conversation intelligence data to find coachable moments and replicate A-player behaviors
  • How to determine which sales collateral impacts win rates

Meet The Speakers

Deniz Olcay

Peter Kazanjy

Sr. Director of Product Marketing




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