Science of Selling: How to Hit a New Level of Sales Efficiency


More than 65% of B2B organizations rank sales productivity as a top challenge.

Yet, today, GTM teams are expected to do more with less — meaning it’s harder than ever to build a quality pipeline. 

To overcome today’s biggest sales challenges, sales teams need to put their numbers and processes under the microscope. 

In this replay, Kate Mattos (Sr. Director of Sales at Drift), Aaron Owens (Head of Revenue Operations Strategy at Intelligent Demand), Heidi Darling (CMO at ROI.DNA), and Owen Brewer (Revenue Architect at Winning by Design) joined us for a conversation around the science of selling and how to improve sales efficiency and effectiveness.


  • How to empower your reps to hit their quota
  • The tools and metrics you should be using to improve sales productivity
  • Why the future of sales is insight-driven

You'll learn:

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Meet the Speakers

Kate Mattos

Aaron Owens

Heidi Darling

Owen Brewer

Sr. Director of Sales


Head of Revenue Operations Strategy

Intelligent Demand



Revenue Architect

Winning by Design

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