How to Help Your Team Master Digital Selling

80% of customer interactions are now digital, and that’s not likely to change post pandemic.

Buyer expectations and engagement have changed forever, with customer face time becoming more scarce and limited than ever. Virtual selling via multiple digital channels like chat, bot, and messenger apps is becoming the new norm.  

Mastering digital selling will make you a hero; ignoring this trend will be futile.

In this replay, learn the latest tips from Andrew Mewborn of Outreach and David Krauss of Freshworks on how to help your team close digital-first deals faster.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to be the first to respond and build customer trust, virtually
  • What contacts/deals will close faster than others and how to tell
  • How to turn the ‘way’ you sell into just as big a differentiator as ‘what’ you’re selling
  • What signals to look for from current customers to unlock additional rev

Meet The Speakers

Andrew Mewborn

David Krauss

Enterprise Growth


Sr. Director, CRM Product Marketing

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