How to Solve the “Missing Data Problem” That’s Wrecking Your Forecasts


The quality of your sales data can make or break your forecasting accuracy. 

Missing contacts, anecdotal reporting, and manual data entry can lead you to believe your forecasts are much rosier than they actually are. 

And if you trust your forecasts, you could be in for a rude awakening as you approach EOQ.

In this replay, learn how to avoid that feeling and get back on track with realistic forecasting informed by complete and actionable sales data.

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What You'll Learn

  • Why missing opportunity contacts is wrecking your ability to grow accounts
  • How mature your opportunity progression is, and how you can improve
  • Which data inputs you need to verify opportunity strength, and how they might be subject to rep bias
  • Why executive alignment is critical, and how that can be automated

Meet The Speakers

Alex Greer

Rachel Mae

Aaron Hill

Senior Director of Sales Operations & Sales Development


Chief Evangelist & General Manager of Training Certification/Licensing

A Sales Growth Company

Revenue Architect Trainer | Interim/Fractional Revenue Leader

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