How the Top 15% Sales Leaders Enable Their Teams Differently Than the Rest

Bad news: only 14.7% of sales teams achieve quota. Obviously some of us know something the other ~85% of us don’t.

Want in on the secret tactics, processes, and technologies today’s top sales teams use to get their reps ready to sell?

Mindtickle partnered with Heinz Marketing to find out how 250+ top-performing revenue and sales leaders from around the globe prepare their teams to sell. In this replay, we shared the key findings in this new report: New Sales Enablement Standards for 2022: How Top 15% Sales Leaders Approach Sales Readiness.

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few key insights:

  • Sales teams with highly defined key performance metrics have higher success reaching sales quotas.
  • Companies with dedicated sales enablement programs are more likely to meet their sales quotas.
  • Prioritizing continuous improvement and customized training is a catalyst to a seller achieving revenue goals.

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What You'll Learn

  • Understand the key issues impacting your team’s ability to be ready to win in today’s fast-changing business environment
  • Understand the challenges traditional enablement and training programs face
  • Hone specific areas in your strategies to instill more ideal behaviors and skill sets

Meet The Speakers

Mark Kosoglow

Hannah Goldberg

Stephanie Middaugh

Ahmed Hedayat

VP Sales


Head of Sales - Major Accounts


Director of Enablement

Work Ramp

VP, Enterprise Business


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