Tie Readiness to Revenue: Defining Your Ideal Rep Profile (IRP)


Every deal has two sides — the buyer and the seller. On the buyer side, you create ideal customer profiles (ICPs) and track the qualification process. But do you know your ideal rep Profile (IRP)?

The IRP is the set of skills and competency benchmarks that defines the true North Star of sales performance. Once your organization’s IRP is set, you’ll be able to deliver the knowledge and skills required to create an all-star team of quota crushers.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to identify the skills and competencies that make up your organization's IRP
  • How to align your reps to the IRP and enable them to boost sales performance
  • How to take a personalized approach to sales coaching

Meet The Speakers

Brooke Bachesta

Ross Schinik

Brooke Freedman

Alex Salop

XDR Enablement Manager


Director of Sales


Sr. Director of Sales, Mid-Market


Dir. of Product Marketing


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