How to Inspire, Grow, and Enable Your Teams (even in a Down Market!)


Your sales team is still active, trying, and winning despite a down market.

Salespeople are a motivated group. They want to blow past their numbers and have the next deal lined up. They’re motivated by comp, but also by growth. How do you reward and motivate your team that is still active and winning, despite a down market? Easy: Career Growth.

In this panel replay, learn how to build structures within your team that inspires, motivates, and enables each role to step into their next one.

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What You'll Learn

  • How to build structures to move ambitious team members from SDR to AE and beyond
  • How to help salespeople pivot into other roles in the org (Sales to Ops, Enablement, Leadership, or even Marketing!)
  • How to inspire and retain talent that will carry your company forward (down market, or not)

Meet The Speakers

Kayde Givens

Armand Farrokh

Scott Barker

Director of Enablement

Director of SDR + SMB


Head of Partnerships

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