Breaking Through to the Top: Lessons to be Learned from Four Women Leaders


Do you find yourself wondering if you can even “make it” in sales?

The perception of sales is evolving, but many still think it’s a club filled with used car salespeople (🥴we’ve got some work to do).

If you’re considering a career in sales (especially a leadership position), it’s essential to know that success is possible despite the challenges.

These women joined us to share their journey, challenges and offer advice and tips on how to overcome obstacles while growing your sales career and raising to the top.


  • Advice from those who overcame challenges you may face today
  • Who they leaned on for advice and support
  • Things we wished we knew when starting in sales

You'll learn:

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Meet the Speakers

Jill Bruno

Mary Browning

Cherilynn Castleman

Shawanda Roberts

Heidi Solomon-Orlick

Sales Development Manager


Sales Manager


Managing Partner

CGI Executive Coaching

Global VP of Sales & Marketing Activation

Frost & Sullivan

Founder & CEO


Event Sponsor

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