If you’re familiar with Drift, then you know that conversational marketing is kind of “our thing.”

But it’s not enough to entice buyers with engaging marketing content alone. Once you’ve captured a buyer’s attention, it is imperative that you provide the same authentic, conversational experience throughout the entire sales process. 

Great conversations are the key to building relationships that will ultimately allow you to skyrocket your sales numbers.

How to Make Conversations the Cornerstone of Your Sales Process


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What You'll Learn

  • How to provide a top-notch customer experience through every stage of the sales process with conversational selling
  • Building rapport and gaining the trust of your buyers through conversations
  • The “Golden Rule” of Selling
  • Four conversation sales principles: Authenticity, personal, educational, conversational

Meet The Speakers

Colin Campbell

Director of Marketing

Sales Hacker

Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community


Michelle Pietsch

Sr. Director of Conversational Sales


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